D. Statler

Was able to get off my CPAP machine which was noisy, irritating, and tough to keep clean. I wear the oral appliance and get better results. Professional, polite, knowledgeable. I would recommend them without hesitation.

A. Diaz

The Staff was very friendly and accommodating to my busy schedule. Dr. Bennett was very informative yet engaging. Even though I moved out of state, he still follows up with me which is the presidential treatment you look for in a great doc!

J. Gathman

“After years of futilely struggling with a CPAP machine for my sleep apnea, I was referred to Apnea and Breathing Clinic.  From the moment I walked in, Amanda made everything easy.  She worked all the insurance hurdles and stayed on top of every interaction I needed.  Dr. Bennett was refreshing.  His positive attitude and attentive manner put me at ease instantly.  The state of the art equipment made getting fitted for a mouth piece quick and easy.

The best part of the whole experience has been the mouth piece he made for me.  No more whirling pumps and leaking air as the medieval CPAC struggled to keep me breathing.  This simple polymer appliance pops in more easily than my retainer from post braces days, is comfortable, and best of all I can SLEEP!  My wife thanks you, my brain thanks you, quality of life has taken a huge bounce back.

Thank you, ABClinicSD!”