These may be additional recommendations to compliment Oral Appliance Therapy.


mute nasal dilator

Proper nasal breathing is imperative for reaching maximum improvement in your sleep and feeling maximum energy and restfulness throughout the day.

Purchase the trial package of Mu:Te. Fit the best size, based on the instructions contained in the package, inside of your nose to make sure you can breathe through your nose easily and that it is as comfortable as possible.  Every pair can be used for 30 days even if the pack says only 10 days.  ** As long as you wash it daily with warm water and soap. Test the best fitting Mu:Te by doing the Cottle’s Manuever on yourself to make sure it is opening your nasal passages an adequate amount.

Max-Air Nose Cones


Max-Air Nose Cones and Sinus Cones maximize nasal breathing volume.  They effectively stent open nasal airways to remedy sinusitis, clear nasal sinus congestion, relieve blocked nose and collapsed nasal airways for adjunctive treatment with your Oral Appliance to achieve deep, peaceful sleep.

Xlear Sinus Care

xclear_nasal spray

Xlear Sinus Care helps clean, moisturize, and rinse away nasal congestion, allergy irritants, and other harmful pollutants.  It is made from simple, natural ingredients, is non- addictive and can by used with other medications.  It is safe to use to keep symptoms at bay.  You can get it at CVS Drugstores, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Natural Grocers, the Vitamin Shoppe and other health food stores.