Development of our TEAM!

In the next few posts, I want to highlight how our team came together, because unlike most businesses, every individual came to ABC organically, no real interviewing, no real looking over Resumes:

Amanda P:

 Amanda P has done about everything in the Dental Sleep field and has excelled at every opportunity.  She ran a highly successful practice in Rancho Mirage, CA when she was barely out of High School and then ran her own insurance billing company.  She then turned to assisting Dentists nationwide in Appliance Selection by being involved with Labs and Appliance Companies.  The first time I met Amanda, we had Brunch in Bird Rock with Amanda S.  She was there to discuss a new appliance on the market.  What really intrigued me about her was that we ended up having a real conversation about what type of appliance would work for a patient with certain issues.  She stated to me that she believed that “there was no perfect appliance and the best thing a Dentist could do was to evaluate the patient as an individual and treat them as such”.  Talk about music to my ears.  


You could see the passion she had for patient care and the desire to continually improve.  That type of drive isn’t common in my experience.  Months later, as she had talked to Amanda S. (they are good friends), about what we were doing with ABC and the creation that was happening, she decided she wanted another challenge.  She wanted to be a part of something special, to be on the ground floor of something unique and wanted to help create the standard through by which all dental sleep should be compared to.  This was a significant honor for me considering the opportunities that she had laid in front of her.  Her exact words I do not remember, but she basically said she wants to be a part of a family for the next 40 years and wants to change the world.  Big views, big goals and I completely agree with her.


-Dr. B

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