Why ABC?

To understand the spirit behind an idea, behind a belief, I feel that one should know the history leading up it.  I have been in the Dental Sleep field since I was a young lad.  Yes, I’m one of those that grew up in his father’s practice and later, through an albeit circular route, decided my passions mirrored his.   This is important because I have seen the Dental Sleep field evolve since its inception and have seen the amazing in it and the parts that maybe lost their way.  I have seen how this field has touched lives in outstanding and tear shedding ways, yet have somehow lost a small part of the idea that the patient is first.

In September 2016, as I was working in my office in Denver, I had my “Jerry McGuire” moment.  We all know the one where he stays up all night to write the letter basically condemning his profession and calling for change.  To have the idea that the client and their family comes first.  Now, I don’t want to be dramatic and say that it played out the same way for me as it did for Tom Cruise.  First, I had been having conversations with both Weaster and Sonnie.  I feel we came to this idea together, but nonetheless, it sounds better saying it was a Jerry McGuire moment.  I had felt that Dental Sleep Medicine had lost its way in terms of complete patient first mindset.  While treatment was good, things like financials, tedious appointments and coordination with physicians was lacking.   I realized that “complete patient first” was not happening.  I decided that not only did it need to change, but that it should start in San Diego, CA.  I had treated there for 4 years prior and more importantly, my close friends, which happened to include all components in Dental Sleep Medicine, were located there and that could we could together make this dream happen.

Fast forward to today.  I could talk more about the clinic or explain how we are different, but that’s honestly not “Why ABC”.  Stories like: a patient and her family being so happy and feeling so good after treatment that she tells me I’m now “in the family, at the same level as our dog” (this was a compliment by the way) to another patient telling me that I am the last thought before he goes to sleep (I told him not to tell his wife that) are the real reasons for ABC.  I have had a passion for Dental Sleep since a child and what has stoked my passion, kept me motivated and made me create, were the lives I have come across, the happiness I have seen and the health that has improved for my “Patient Family”.  That is “Why ABC”.

Dr. B


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